Furtados MusicBuddy

Furtados MusicBuddy is your friend for everything musical !

Furtados MusicBuddy is a revolutionary software that gives students instant feedback on accuracy of timing and pitch while they play there by assisting the student in practising music accurately anywhere – at home or in school.

Launched by Furtados – For the First time in India.

How Furtados MusicBuddy Works
How it works?
  • 1. You need a Music Instrument and any Digital Device (Laptop/Mobile/iPad/Tablet)
  • 2. Go to www.furtados.matchmysound.com log in with your Registered E-Mail Id
  • 3. You will see the music practice pieces assigned to you. Please click to go inside the assigned piece. You can do 2 things:

    - Press play button and hear the song.

    - Press record button (with backing tracks/ metronome) and practice against it and check your score. When you reach the required level submit the recording to your teacher.


What is Furtados MusicBuddy?

Well, he’s going to be your friend, philosopher and guide to everything musical. From telling you what notes to play, how accurate you play it, as well as tell you, where you played a wrong note. And all of this with the backing track of the enjoyable musical tracks. Really cool. Isn’t it?

We know that, like every other budding music learner, you are unsure about what you play. This leads to the hope of that you played a certain piece correctly. Well, there’s no more reason to just hope! Now you will know.

How can I Login to register ?

You need to be a Student of FSM or High to register on to the Furtados MusicBuddy Platform. All students will be enrolled with us using their E-Mail Credentials which can be used to login and start practising.

In case you are facing any trouble while logging in, please E-Mail us at [email protected] with the following details (Student Name_School_Class_Instrument).

What do I need with me to practise using Furtados MusicBuddy?

Furtados MusicBuddy is literally plug and play. You only need your music instrument, music book and a digital device with internet connected to practise music using MusicBuddy. It works on all devices - Laptops, Tablets and Mobile Phones. Just login into the platform starts practicing.

What music do I get to practise on Furtados MusicBuddy?

Your Teacher will assign to practise pieces for you as per your grade. These will be as per the curriculum you are being taught and will be available for you inside your MusicBuddy student account for practise. MusicBuddy is available currently only for Piano, Keyboard and Guitar Curricula.

What can I do once I find my assigned Homework?

Please click on the HW assigned. You can now listen to it, and practise along with. You can set the score with a metronome and practise. You can set the score with a backing track and practise. You can change the tempo (reduce/increase) and practise. Finally when you are ready you can submit your recording to your teacher.

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